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Stay Close to My Heartbeat - October 25, 2009

Faith Assembly of God, morning service:

My children:

I would have you crawl onto my lap and into my arms. I'm your heavenly Father and I love you. You are my children. I see you. I know your lives. I know what you are doing and the steps that you are taking.

But in my arms there is safety. So I'm asking you to come into my arms. Draw close to me. When the wind blows and when it is dark-- I know that some of you are in darkness or you are in a storm-- but just cuddle closer to me. Come closer to me and you will hear my heartbeat. You will hear my breathing and it will comfort you and you will know me, and the storm will pass, and the sun will come up.

I want you to trust in me because I have heard your prayers. I see where you are. You are not forgotten. But stay close to me. Stay in my arms and let me hold you and and let me love you because I have a work for you. I have blessings for you. Stay close to my heartbeat.