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Stay on the Narrow Path - April 8, 2018

Faith Assembly of God Church - morning service

I remind you children of my love that is so lavish and so rich. And I want you to get above your feelings because your feelings aren't the real thing. It is my love that is the real thing. I have the path that your feet will take in my hand because you've given yourself to me. So trust me in the path that I have you walking on. It is narrow. It may seem lonely, but it is the safe place. I want you to stay on that path. I have destinations for you to arrive at as you move along in your life. And I have those times in my hand. Not your time but my hand and they will be glorious if you don't try to make them happen sooner than what I have for them to take place. Trust in me. Walk close to me. I'm walking with you on that path. I hear your prayers. I know your heart. And I love you lavishly and richly.