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Surrounded by Love - September 22, 2019

Faith Assembly of God - morning service

My dear ones, I have you surrounded with My love. I'm holding you. I have you completely enveloped in My power, in My peace. You may be going through a storm. You may be going through a battle. But I want you to retreat into the peace that I have for you. There is no weapon formed against you that will prosper because you are My precious children.

I paid a price for you. This wasn't easy. This wasn't just a sidestep or a thought I had - well I guess I'll be a Savior. I planned on being your Savior and your Caregiver before you were created and so I want you to see how extremely - extremely much care I have for you... That I have been loving you with a deep love... That I see where you are... And I want you to rest in My peace. Let My peace rule in your cubicle, in your safe place because I will fight your battles for you.