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Take My Grace to the World - April 3, 2011

Faith Assembly of God - morning service

My children, I remind you that it's my grace, my grace is upon you. My grace will do everything that you are praying for. You're praying for your family. Don't worry about what you have to do, what you have to say - just show them grace - show them love.

I shed my blood for your souls. I shed my blood for the souls of the world and my grace will appeal to them. Your hope is for the ultimate of my grace. My love - if you can show - if you can bring them to where my grace flows, they will come because they are seeking, they are hungering. That's what they want. You have what they want. Bring it to them but bring it to them in love and show them my grace. My grace is sufficient. My grace is able - abundantly, to do anything - more than you can ask or think.

Come to my cross. Receive my grace and see what my grace will do. I'm anxious - I'm so anxious to see my grace flow throughout the world. Take my grace to the world.

It is sufficient. It is sufficient! It is able.