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The Blueprint - July 12, 2009

Faith Assembly of God, morning service:

My plan and my blueprint I have given to you.

And I know as you have gone through it you have wondered about the measurements. You've wondered about the plans and you have thought this isn't definitely it. I don't like the way this looks, I don't know that this is right.

But as you follow me and as you hear what I tell you and as you do the thing and do the measurements and do the planning that I have given to you, you will see a beautiful and a product in the end.

You will see what I have planned for your life. You will see what I have planned for this church. And it will be magnificent and it will be beautiful. Trust the plan. Trust your word as I give it to you. Trust what I tell you and lean upon me.

Let me help you. Let me explain things to you when you don't understand. And know that in the end you will see a beautiful, magnificent piece of work because you have followed the main blueprint. Listen to me and hear what I say and I will be with you every step of the way.

Editor's note:

For any Christian, church, or denomination that reads this, know that the main blueprint to be sure you follow is found in the New Testament. Get that working first, and then ask for God's direction for future plans. You need to have all of God's cylinders firing in a synchronized fashion in you or your group before making or trying to execute any additional plans you think He wants you to accomplish.