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Listen to Me. I Love You. Walk with Me - June 7, 2009

Faith Assembly of God, morning service prayer and following tongues and interpretation:

Thank you for taking the fall, for taking our sin and our shame..., our sickness. You took it all there on that cross. We thank you that you thought of us above your comfort and loved ones at home.

Above what would make sense and it would have been so much easier for you to just have let us be the way we were - to go to destruction and to say I'm done with you. But you didn't. You took the fall. You took the pain. You took the cross.

You said I will not let them go. I will not have them go to destruction. But I will save them. I will come. And when the call was made you answered...

My precious ones. You are so dear to me. Each one of you. Everyone in this room is very special. If you feel that you are not that's a lie.

I died for you. I love you. I have a place for you. I have a walk for you. I have a duty for you.

I want to love you and pour my blessings out upon you so open up your hearts to receive everything I have.

Hear my voice. Hear my call. I will speak to you. It's not a mystery. Just lay aside everything else and listen to me.

Hear me. Hear what I have for you. My love, my direction, my guidance. And you will be in the place that I have for you and you will not fall away. You will be head strong.

You won't have to worry about not making it because it's a daily walk. If you listen to me daily and walk with me and seek my face you will surely end in the place that I have for you. Trust me because of my constant love.