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The God of a Thousand Generations - November 11, 2018

Faith Assembly of God Church - Sunday morning service

Since before I created you, I created your salvation and I am the God of a thousand generations. My power remains the same. I can still heal. I can still save and free you from oppression, depression, and the oppression that your sin brings. I can provide for your financial needs. I can make your homes happy. I have everything that you need to a thousand generations.

I want you to keep every generation going. Don't let one area break down so that it doesn't continue through because My power remains the same. I'm still the mighty God. I am still seated on the throne - the utmost, highest God, your Counselor, your Prince of Peace. I'm everything you need. If you remain in that place and you stay in that place, I will be faithful to the end. My power does not dissipate or change.