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The I AM - May 23, 2010

Faith Assembly of God, morning service.

Do you know how very much I love you and I just want you to stay here this morning and just bask in my love and praise me because this is food to your spirit and I will fill you to overflowing. Just open up and make room and let me flow through you and you will see miracles. I know that you want miracles and I want to do them. I want you to be a light in this community, a testimony to those people who are hurting.

And when you've been through it and I've delivered you that they can see and they will hear. But be refreshed and be strengthened and be lifted up. And when you walk out the door you are going to be stronger than when you came in. Look to me. Just lift up your heart and just let me flood and wash through you. And let me just take away the hurts and let your faith be strengthened and built.

I am everything that you need. I am your healer. I will baptize you with the Spirit. I will watch you. I will take care of your finances. I will take care of your workplace. Any problem that you have leave it here today and trust in me and watch and see what I will do.

I have a plan for you. I haven't forgotten you. It may look like a bad road but I have a plan for you. So just let me refresh you today and be lifted up and see what I will do.