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The Joy Will be Full - September 9, 2012

Faith Assembly of God - morning service - word of prophecy followed by interpretation.
I just felt in worship that this church is an aroma. There is an aroma lifting up like a burning of incense to the Lord in this community - rising up to the Lord in worship - and I just saw that. There's a powerful feeling in my heart that this church is positioned for just exalting the Lord and lifting up His name in worship and it's an aroma to the throne of God.

I am in this place today and I'm hoping that you're feeling me. I feel worship and I love you and I will inhabit your praises. Give me a little more room and I will send more blessings. If you like this it's just getting started.

Someday when I come for you and take you home to heaven, I want you to know how to worship because that's what we'll do. And we'll love one another and we'll share and the joy will be full - the joy will be full.

Let me bless you now and as you raise your hands to me, you are going to see signs and wonders. You are going to see things take place. So learn to worship deeper. Train your children to worship deeper. And learn how to just worship me and stay close because you will see me work. I will be close and I will hover over you with my presence.