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The Lighthouse - October 28, 2018

Faith Assembly of God Church - Sunday morning service

I am the mighty God - the Creator of the universe. I set everything in motion. I gave you My blood for your sin. And I want you to look to Me through the storms. There are storms around you but I know that you can navigate through the storms if you keep your eyes on Me - the Lighthouse - the Rock.

Don't look one way or the other. Don't think that it's gonna change. I don't move. I remain the same. My Word remains the same. My love remains the same. So do not deviate.

When you stand before me, I won't say - Oh by the way, I changed the rules. They will be the same. So walk according to them. Sail your ship according to the Lighthouse that you see and you will arrive safely in the harbor. That's the only way.