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The Power of the Name of Jesus - July 29, 2018

Faith Assembly of God Church - morning service

In my word, I have used terms so that you might understand my power. I say I am the lion and the lamb and just saying it helped. I am the full gamut of the power that I have extended to you in your Christian life and in your walk.

I am your warrior, your lion - the king of the animals - the king of the most important and the strongest. I will fight for you. And I am your lamb. I laid down my life and sacrificed so that you might have salvation.

You have my full circle of power. Do not refuse it. Use it all. It is complete. There is nothing missing and there is nothing broken. Take everything I have given you.

A testimony followed...

Two and a half years ago I sat on that very same chair. And it was months before the Lord healed me. And I was not able to do normal things in life. I remember sitting in services and just speaking the name of Jesus because I couldn't sing and I couldn't do anything. And the reality of the power of the name of Jesus - instead of seeking my healing which He did do - the name of Jesus - the power of the name of Jesus - we don't even understand. And so today I just want you to look at who Jesus is - the power in the name of Jesus - and whatever the situation is to be able to sit and say Jesus... If that's all you can say, just say Jesus... and the power of who He is will come into that situation