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The Safe Narrow Path - September 26, 2021

Faith Assembly of God Church - Sunday morning service

The path I have you on is narrow, but it's safe. I have you covered and you are on the way to see heaven, to come and be with Me. But you have to walk now. I have you covered. I have everything that you need. Don't look to the wider paths where it appears to be so fun and safe because it's not.

They could fall at any time but you will not fall. You may have some hills. You may have some struggles. But I have you covered. I have you covered just like I covered My temple with My shekinah glory and I will keep you covered and I will walk with you and you will be safe and you will make it to the place that I have for you. Just walk the steps that I have placed for your feet. I have a step for each of you. Follow in that step. Be glorious and be feeling safe and comfortable because that's the way you are.