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The Trinity - February 1, 2021

Faith Assembly of God Church - Sunday morning service

I remind you again of the structure that I am. The mighty God, the Holy One, always in charge, never tired. I do not sleep. I see you. You have a Savior. You have the Spirit. An equal balance of power. An equal balance that can never be shaken. I want you to reach out and just move deeper into those thoughts. I want you to give Me more of My Spirit in you. I want you to realize that I will be with you and you will see this final Trinity some day. But rest in the Spirit. Remember that I will be with you so that you can arrive there and you can see us. Don't lose sight of who I am. Don't lose sight of My power. Don't lose sight of My love for you. Make extra space for Me in your life. Make extra places for Me in your spirit and in your walk with Me and I will bless you and I will keep you and you will be with Me some day.