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Trade Up - June 9, 2019

Faith Assembly of God Church - Sunday morning service

I would challenge you my dear ones to make an exchange in your life. If you do not know me as your Savior but you're trying to get to heaven, exchange my salvation for your own efforts. If you are weak, accept my strength. If you are hungry, I will fill you. If you are needy in any way I will make the exchange.

Give me that place in your heart where you are carrying a need. You may have an illness. I will be your healer. I have your finances in my hand and I will handle your records better than you can if you will give them to me. Whatever you have... whatever you have in your heart... if you can make a higher exchange, exchange it for what I have for you.

I remind you of what you just sung about. I am the Holy of Holies. I have everything that you need because I have made you. Accept it. Don't live on second best when you could have my very, very best in your life.