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Treasures - July 11, 2021

Faith Assembly of God Church - Sunday morning service

I want to address the issue of treasures. What kind of a bank account are you sending on up before you? It has to be what souls that are needing to be saved in your area, in your radius. So I am asking you to put that on the front burner from everything else in your life and pursue the souls because they are the only thing that you can bring with you when you stand before Me.

I will be coming back for you someday. My heart is for souls. My heart is to see people come to and accept My salvation. So be sure and let your priorities be what your treasure is beyond this life... beyond your cares... beyond the burdens and the things that you do here. Bring Me souls that I have placed in your radius.

I will help you. I will walk with you. I'll show you. I will guide you and allow you to build a great treasure in heaven.