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Underneath the Wings of Christ - March 15, 2020

Faith Assembly of God - morning service

I want to remind you where you dwell and where you stay. You are underneath My wings. And that is a safe place. That is a peaceful place. My peace I have given to you is not the peace of circumstances but the peace of being with Me. In spite of the storm, in spite of what you see, in spite of what you hear, you are underneath My wings and I am taking care of you. And if you get troubled and if you get worried, just snuggle in a little closer to Me because I have everything in control and you are in My arms. I have everything you need. I will take care of you. I gave My very best for you and I am not going to give up on My investment. I will follow through and I will take care of you till the end of the world. Trust in Me and stay close.