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Unity - June 27, 2021

Faith Assembly of God Church - Sunday Morning Service

I see every one of you. I know your weaknesses. I know your strengths. I know your struggles and I know your life. And I am calling you to come together. Support one another as a unified body. You are My body on this earth and as you stand together and move closer to the person next to you and stand shoulder to shoulder you will be victorious.

I have a job for this church and I'm gonna do it. If you're unified and you work together I will do great things. You will see souls saved. I am still the God. I am still on the throne and whatever you hear is a lie from the enemy because I am in charge and I am going to work through you. Open up to what I have for you and see what I will do and what victories I will bring because you stand together and you work for My cause. I love you and you are My precious children.

To add, a dream before hearing this showed many body of Christians trying to work together, but instead of moving forward there was much competition and people (both the Christians and non-Christians) just milled about between Christian groups without any order. A message of prophecy came to bring order through the Holy Spirit to what was going on - laying out what should be preached for example, but even after trying to narrow things down to just a few major Christian groups there was still no harmony.

We need to seriously try to present a united front against the enemy, directed by the Holy Spirit towards a common purpose at all times. It is all right that some Christians worship God in one way and others in a different way. Perhaps the difference exist in worship service format or format of service. But we must all be working towards the same goal. I urge all Christian church leaders to seek the baptism of the Holy Spirit to help lead your church in the path of unity towards God's common goal. One day, Satan will be vanquished, along with his followers. Until that day comes, God wants His church to be doing the work of winning souls to Him. The Holy Spirit was given for this purpose. Work with all Christian churches in your community against the evil forces. It isn't one church against the rest of the churches and then against the common foe. It is all of us, with God, against the common foe. Seek His face. Seek the baptism - both for yourselves and your church members. Let the members be like the seventy in the upper room that went out to transform Jerusalem and start a movement that has lasted for millennia.