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The View from the Bridge - July 12, 2009

Faith Assembly of God, morning service

The timing of this was like um... on a Friday was when we found out that my husband had some kind of mass. And uh... and we cried and cried that night and um God gave me this picture in a dream that night and it was of a ... it looked like when you put those puzzles together and then they put them into a frame up on the wall and it was a picture of (I shared this with a lot of people and some of you may have already heard this) but it was of this cobblestone road and the rocks were really jutted up out of it so it had been a real rocky road and above it was a great big bridge. That was it.

I woke up and thought wow. It had been a real restless night anyway. We'd been out looking at the Big Dipper at 2:30 in the morning and it was still in place and I felt like everything should have just not been in place.

My husband began talking about all these details we needed to take care of. He's a very much a detail man. I appreciate that I'm not that kind of a person. He started talking about all these details. Got to get this in order. Got to get this in order. Got to get this in order. And um right then I knew what that picture was.

The cobblestone road which was very rocky was like listening to the doctor's words and listening to this treatment and having this treatment done. Doing all the detailed things and going to the what-if's and all that kind of thing to be prepared.

But I said that, that's the cobblestone road. I will walk with you on all that place of the cobblestone road but we can't stay down there. Um. God has given us this bridge and up on this bridge there's a higher vantage point and He's given us a hiding place and we got to get back up on the bridge.

And the way God works with me is I wrote it in my journal and all that. A few days later I was doing my water swimming thing and I sensed the Lord say to me, and by the way, We have built this bridge on My presence, on My word, and on My name. And I just started thinking about that and I thought wow, it's your presence that we just hunger for. If we have your presence and I can hear your voice to me we can do anything.

I began to think about the different names of God.

Jehovah-shammad: The god that's present

Jehovah-rapha: the healer

Jehovah-rohi: the shepherd

Jehovah-jireh: The god that goes ahead of us and provides.

Even with the different colors of the flags. Green I will always associate with Ellen. But now I associate it too when we did the parade and I carried the green flag because the green flag represents life. And the white represents purity. And the red represents His blood. The different colors and what they mean. And it's like... Wow, that's what the bridge is made of God.

When we get into those rocky places and we've had rocky places this week.. Wow, I stubbed my toe and skinned my knee down there. Get back up on the bridge, get back up on the bridge and look at it from My vantage point and I felt like I was supposed to share that with you this morning.