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Walk by Faith and Not by Sight - August 26, 2018

Faith Assembly of God Church - morning service

I want to remind you that you walk by faith, not by sight. There's a video of everything in this world. There's everyone with an opinion on something. That doesn't matter. I work under the radar. I'm doing things that nobody sees and I don't care if the news knows about it or not.

I am working because My word is true. I will do what I have set to do. I will bring you through if you will keep your eyes on Me. Listen to what I said. Listen to what My word says.

Someday when My trumpet sounds you'll hear it and you'll be caught up with Me. That is the success of the world so turn everything else off and hone in on Me because I am your guide. You're not walking by what you see. You're walking by what I'm doing.