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Walk Together - May 23, 2010

Faith Assembly of God, evening service.

My children, I want each of you as individuals to follow what you have spoken tonight. Follow the path that I have in front of you, the light that you have to follow me. Don't look one way or the other.

Each of you will be that body part that I need. Don't worry about where you think you are. Just follow where I lead you and when you look up you're going to see that you are a perfectly formed body performing in sync, in complete control, and in harmony the way that it's supposed to be. There will be unity. There will be miracles. You will be a functioning body that I need.

I need you to be functioning. I do not need one foot stepping on the other. I need you to work together to walk and to move ahead with what I have to do. If you could only see what I have for you to do. And you know you will be blessed by what you do if you could just walk together you will perform and you will see great things. I just need you to walk together because I will do it through you. Walk together and be what I've called you to be and I will pour out my Spirit that you cannot contain it and this town needs this so badly.

Please prepare your hearts for what I have for you to do.