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Watch What You Believe - May 5, 2013

Faith Assembly of God - morning service

A couple of weeks ago I had this dream - very short. There were two guys that had their computer screens out and they said what do you see on the screen? They're like videoing something and I said - well I see two dogs running up this hill - looked like my border collie - they were dark dogs and he said actually there's only one and I said what? And then he showed me another screen and it was like this brown curly haired big poodly looking dog that was carrying something around its neck and he said what do you see? And I said I see two dogs running up the side of the hill and he said actually - and it was a word that he used that I cannot remember - something like anthro - something or other and he said actually there's a mirror stuck in the side of that hill and it makes you think there's two but there's only one. And it was like why did that dream stick with me - that's just an odd thing and I sensed the Lord right away said,

Don't believe everything that you see.

Especially with our media and they way they can do all these things now.

Don't believe everything that you see. Don't believe everything that you hear. Don't believe everything that you even think.

because it's not our own thoughts - that is not the only thing that is going through our head. And I had seen this picture. It was on a computer thing and it was a monumental time like in Japan or someplace - it showed this picture of six men - and then when you story said actually there were only five men there but they added the sixth one. The history of all time is going to show that there were six men there?

And so it's just like the Lord was saying - it's like so you feel abandoned, or you feel like I've blown it for the last time, I can never make that up, it's like that is a lie - so don't believe everything that you think.