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Be the Watchman on Your Watch! - November 20, 2011

Faith Assembly of God - morning service - dream application

I could see uh the wall like around um Jerusalem that uh looked like it was built of bricks and a couple of things came to mind.

One was it looked like wherever there was like a watchman wall there, and the bricks beneath it were um disintegrating and you couldn't tell it by where you were standing but the bricks beneath where you were standing - something was causing it to disintegrate.

So, I don't know what that is, but whatever - what's under your foundation or like whatever you are standing on, there is something that um God is shining a light on and there is something that needs to be uh, reinforced, or there's a sin there, or there's something that's deteriorating that.

And the other piece was - I just read a quick article in the paper - the guy that had the sweat lodges and two or three people died, and he did make this statement. He said, "But, it happened on my watch." I thought that was pretty profound for - I don't know where he stands or what spirituality he was talking about there trying to do the sweat lodge but he said "It happened on my watch".

Um - there was a dream I shared a while back. It was Vicky Sives dream and she said She could see a look from heaven down on the wall and the watchman was there and the watchman would begin to hear this voice saying "You're so tired and you've been standing so long and you're so tired like you deserve to just go ahead and lay down and rest a minute." And so the watchman laid down. And when the watchman laid down and fell asleep the enemy got into the city.

And I just saw a real strong exhortation. It's like "What's my watch?" Like - "What part of my family?" "What part of...?" God has been orchestrating life. You think you're going into the grocery store and you run into someone you haven't seen for years and it's like I can't stop now, I've got to get going - well God has slowed me down - like "I set this up. This is part of your watch." And it's like - "O.K. I'm going to be late for wherever I'm going because somehow God has set this up and it's part of my watch and I don't want the rocks beneath me to all of a sudden just wear out and come tumbling down." God has put that in to be a watchman for whatever your piece is.