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Work with Me - November 23, 2014

Faith Assembly of God - morning service

I call you, My children, to draw closer to each other, to bind together and to move in closely and tightly. You will find out that as you are close to each other, that that's where you will get your strength. You will be a strong solid body that I need as you are close together and as you worship together and lift one another up you will be strong. I need a strong body to work for me. I need my hospital to be full of workers and not be the ones who are in the bed. I want you to be the ones that are ministering and there are so many hurting. And as you grow and as you get bigger, you're going to have to be close knit and you're going to have to be close to one another and strong and let My Spirit be poured out upon you because I have so much to give to you and I have so much to work through you. I need you. So be strong together and work with Me.