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Your Testimony is Important to Me - August 8, 2010

Faith Assembly of God, morning service:

My precious children, I want you to know that the path that your life takes isn't just a happenstance... it's not just an accident but it is my direct leading. And sometimes you go through some valleys and sometimes you go through great times but I want you to know that I am there through all of them and because of this you will have a testimony. And I need your testimony. I need a canvas for healing to be broadcast. I need a canvas for deliverance to take place. And it is your life, it is your plans that you are going through right now that can bring me glory.

And I want you to know that I love you. And you bring me much, much pleasure. And I love you so much. So look to me for your strength. You won't be left without me. I am there every step. I am there for everything that's going on.

And trust in me and look ahead to see the great testimony that you will have. Your life will have a testimony because you are my precious ones.

I redeemed you with my blood. That's how much I loved you and I will not let you go. But stand and see my hands and wait and see what I will do because I love you and because you are my precious, precious ones. Trust in me. Trust in me.

Psalms 30