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You're Part of the Puzzle - September 6, 2015

Faith Assembly of God - morning service

Church, I want to tell you that I have a pattern for you. I have a beautiful picture that I want you to be for My glory and the work that I have for you to do. This is not one big picture. This is a bunch of pieces just like a puzzle and each of you have a place. There is a place for every single one of you.

You can't fit in the other person's place. You have to fit in the place that I have for you. The space won't match. The color won't match. But if you will step into the place that I have for you, you will be a beautiful church without spot or wrinkle and that's what I am coming back for. You will have a place where people will be healed, the works of the Holy Spirit can move through you, people can receive the baptism, people can be saved.

And this is what I have for you as a church to take part in and to be a part of. Step into that place that I have for you. It's the perfect place and you will know what it is. I will show you.